Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My first mission trip = I'm on my way!!

Last May, we all piled up on the couch looking at the number of children that could be sponsored through Africa New Life. Bella & Brookly preferred a girl. And (if you know my boy, Will) - Will preferred a baby, boy or girl, it didn’t matter. Just a baby. J As we looked at all the sweet faces, we kept going back to one. His name is Augustine. We knew that he is the one God wanted us to sponsor. Augustine is 7, the same age as Will, loves soccer and wants to be president one day!

Just recently, we have sponsored a second child, a girl. Her face glows with the love of Jesus. She is JOY! Her name is Mariza. She is in 4th grade and loves soccer, too.

After almost a year of writing and receiving letters and photos, and helping to provide some food & clothing to Augustine and his family, Craig and I have developed an intense desire to meet him (and now Mariza) as well as serve Africa New Life’s (ANLM) growing ministry in Rwanda. Craig just recently had the honor of meeting the founder of ANLM, Charles Mugisha Buregeya. You can read more about him here. He has an amazing story.

I believe God has put this desire in our hearts. Increasingly, I have come to understand that God is breaking my heart for my precious brothers and sisters in Africa who live in extreme poverty and, oftentimes, oppression. Our connection with Augustine and Mariza has brought it so close to home, and there is much more I need to discover about the call God has placed on my life to love and serve them.

Over the past year, Craig has been blessed to serve on two mission trips to Guatemala and Haiti. I have seen firsthand how mission trips have impacted his view of the world, its resources and his love for people groups worldwide who need Jesus. While I have not been able to go, I knew in my heart that God would lead me at the perfect time. It’s incredibly exciting to watch it happen! The time is now! And the icing on the cake: I will get to share this experience with an amazing group of people from K&N Management (where Craig works,) including my loving husband & our oldest daughter, Brookly (11).

In answer to this call on my life, I’m heading to Rwanda with an Africa New Life team this July 2013. We will be serving the women and children of Rwanda and sharing the hope of Jesus. We will also have the opportunity to visit an orphanage and love on the precious children there.  Our team will see the progress ANLM is making on their street-children’s ministry, dream center and schools in three different Rwandan cities. I’d love for you to visit their website to see all they are doing. Last but certainly not least, I’ll get to meet Augustine and Mariza and their families! Yay!

Part of my faith journey is asking you to participate with me. Please partner with me to pray for the team during our months of preparation, for our health and safety as we go, and that the work of our hands in Africa will be multiplied to His glory. There is also a significant amount to be raised in order for me to pursue this calling. If you feel led to help by contributing to the cost ($4,000), I would be so grateful. Contributions are tax-deductible as ANLM is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The following information has details about giving online or by mail – both are good options. Please do not think I am asking you to contribute to a vacation trip. We are traveling for the sole reason of glorifying God and furthering His kingdom. The accommodations, long travel, and lack of comfort items will certainly be a challenge to endure but, God willing, we will be safe. Africa New Life does a fantastic job keeping their missionaries out of harm's way.

Whether you are praying for me, helping with financial support, or partnering in both ways, I humbly and thankfully look forward to representing your heart in Rwanda this July.

Romans 10:13-15

Love you all,

Melanie Haley – K & N Mission Team

Thank you very much for your consideration in financially supporting this mission trip. I value your investment in our team as well as your prayers during our time in Rwanda. Below are some ways you can contribute financially.

1. Instructions for giving online:
-Go to our website, www.africanewlife.organd click on the ‘Donate’ button.
-Donate the desired amount to the 'General & Where Needed Most' fund.
-You will then receive an email receipt for your donation.
**VERY IMPORTANT** You MUST reply to the email receipt (which should reply to or, stating what individual the donation is for (e.g., ‘This donation is for Melanie Haley’s mission trip.’). At that time it will be allocated to the proper trip.
-If you are unsure, or just want to double check, let me know that you have donated & I can verify.

2. If you would like to financially support my mission by sending in a check made out to Africa New Life Ministries. (Do not write my name anywhere on the check). Please mail it to my home address and I will forward it on through our team leader. The team leader will ensure that it is credited to my trip. 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Sunday, we met our great friends - the Klein's, and decorated our family tree on 360. Every year, Austinites scope out the "christmas trees" on 360 and decorate them for all to see as they drive down the freeway. This is our second year to do this and we have started a fun family tradition that I know we will keep as long as we are here! Here are a few pictures from our fun day!

Don lifting D'Anna so she can get the tinsel on the top of the tree!


Me decorating our family tree

Brookly & Morgan - Best friends

The Klein Family Tree

The Haley Family Tree - 360 Austin, TX

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Enter for a chance to win a 32GB 3GS iPhone

Hey all my friends out there! For those of you that know me personally, you know that my sweet hubby is the research and development director for Rudy's BBQ & Mighty Fine Burgers Fries & Shakes. They are running a contest right now. All you have to do is go to this link Simply watch the video and type in your name and e-mail address. Then, you are in the running for a chance to win a 32GB 3GS iPhone! So, GO watch & pass it on to your friends! Good LUCK!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Canton Pretties

Here are my findings from Canton ~as promised. If you have not been... GO! It was such a great weekend!

We all got one of these. It was one of the very first things we saw and we went back to get 'em! I love that we all have one! It has all the fruits of the spirit on it. So, pretty!

Here's a close up of the plaque. I smile each time I walk in the door

This is for my Aggies... God Bless 'Em! One day we will be great again... Oh, the dreams!

This beauty is heavy and lovely! I saw this and just had to have it and only $20! Love that, too!
The popular sugar mold... I have wanted one of these babies for YEARS! I was so excited to see these! I got a super long one and Johnna & Amy each got smaller ones. I simply just love this! I have plans for this sweetie. I will show you one day...

This is one of my favorites! It is an OLD door. Right now it's just leaning against a wall. I am still brainstorming the *exact* place for this wonderfully loved door! BTW- just $30! I thought that was a great price. I have never looked to buy an old door. But, sounded good to me! Speaking of price... we all got those metal cones which were 3 for $10! And all those flowers were $8! Crazy business!

Here are a few things that I loved... BUT did not buy.

Some beautiful old ~ shutters? gates? Not sure, but I loved them!

Christmas ornaments. Look how BIG they were! (Compared to Amy!) I should have got some of those... they were pretty reasonably priced... next time...

So sweet. Made from vintage pillowcases. I had some for my girls.

Neat little rusty crosses made from license plates.

Here's their mama...

You'll never guess what this was made from... OK remember those ceiling tiles in school. You know, this kind you could push up... Well, that's it! They were painting names in the middle and making cute little name plaques with these. Awesome idea!

This picture is not that great BUT this was a little house made from old window panes! They put plants in them and made sort-of a terrarium. They were gorgeous! Oh, I could see this in a sunroom!

Last BUT not least! Old windows... Now there's a story to these pretties. I had them on my list and I knew when I saw them that I wanted one! I looked through them all and found just the right one and bought it. (Along with my beautiful green door.) When we came back to pick them up... GONE! Someone had taken it. OH, it was so sad! Thanks for leaving my door! I will get me a window next time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Spiderweb Cookies

I made some fun cookies for the kids today. Spiderweb cookies. Pretty easy ~ you probably have all the stuff at your house.

I started with a basic sugar cookie dough. (Even simpler would be to just buy pre-made sugar cookie dough.) If you do that, make sure it's at room temperature so that it is really squeezy. Put the dough in a piping bag or resealable baggie and cut the tip off. (Not too big, because you want a small amount to come out. About the size of a pencil.) Then, pipe out a fun web and bake. When they are all cooled... Melt some chocolate chips and put it in a baggie. Cut the corner teensy-tiny. Attach m&m's with the melted chocolate and add eyes and legs. I used little sprinkle balls for eyes and the chocolate for legs... BUT you could use chocolate jimmies for legs to make them perfectly straight... Enjoy your darling little treat!

Monday, October 5, 2009

FALL around the Haley Home

I wanted to show you all around the house. I really liked decorating for fall this year. I guess because the cold fronts came early. {Or at least it seems!} It's getting a bit warm, now... Lord, keep sending that cool breeze! Well, it *looks* like fall in my house ~ even if it's hot outside!

A little basket I put together.

My bookshelf in the living room. I saw some homemade pumpkins all over blogland. I gave it a try... I still need to make a few more. A little bit of trial and error...

This is the buffet in the dining room.

A little close-up.

My side table in the living.

A little closer....

Pumpkins in the kitchen window.

Chalkboard plate on the counter.

My counter/bar. I love those pumpkins on the candlesticks!

Above the t.v.

CANTON Sneak Peek

This past weekend I headed to Canton, TX with my two girlfriends Johnna & Amy. We had the BEST time! What a neat place! We got there super early and shopped until our eyes were crossed! I am still trying to figure out *exactly* what to do with a few things... BUT here are a few pictures to show... Once I get everything up I will post. Have a great Monday

And last but, not least... this is for all my Tech Friends.. we saw this and all thought of you. Anna, you need this for your house! {hee! hee!}